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Gallery 2 - Tony B - A Black Man with a big dick

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We caught up with Tony when he was halfway through his trip around the country. He'd taken a couple of months off from his job as a gym instructor in order to travel. We asked the big questions.

What's the best thing about travelling?
Nobody knows you. You can be anybody, do anything. Like pose nude in the desert!

Are black men better lovers?
Well, I can only speak for myself...

So, are you a better lover?
I try (grins).

Have you ever had sex in the gym?
Just the once. She was such a lovely woman, she smiled all the time. One day, I couldn't help it, I seduced her and we got it on in the steam room. It took a while for her to orgasm, but I have my methods...

So I said...

I confess, I can't help it.

Looking at porn makes me really horny.

If I watch a porno vid I end up wetter than normal, and fiendishly eager to get it on with my man. So we end up having hot, memorable sex!

And Just for Ladies had that effect on me. The couples galleries are beautifully explicit - I was reaching for my vibrator quicker than you can say "snapping a widey". But the pics are tastefully done... there's sensuality as well as pure sex. And I think women's porn needs to have that air of romance.

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What a gorgeous butt!!!
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