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Pure Cunnilingus
A whole site full of men going down on women!

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Heaps of very well hung hunks

Hardcore for Her
Pure filthy couples sex - all pics chosen to appeal to women, of course!

Site Review - Just for Ladies

Just for Ladies is a women's erotica site run by a major porn conglomerate. This means you get huge amounts of content when you join - including free entry into every single one of their other adult sites - over 40 of them.

This is itself is a deal that is not to be sneezed at, but I'm happy to say that Just for Ladies has more to offer than just gazillions of mainstream for-men photos and movies. The creators of the site really have gone out of their way to provide content that women will enjoy. I personally know one of the female site editors and she is a well known and respected creator of women's erotica.

So what do you get for your money? The answer is satisfaction. They've got thousands of photos, of every kind - hunks, dicks, amateur men, hardcore couples and even a few lesbian pics (added after a reader's survey demanded it!). The pics are good quality and very very sexy.

The erotic stories are excellent! I've been to sites where what passes for erotic fiction is barely intelligible crap, but these stories are well written with good storylines. You can choose from romantic to kinky to orgies to lesbian - whatever your fantasy, they have the story to arouse your lust!

Just for Ladies also gives you access to interesting magazines, such as the Tantra mag, so if you're after a good read, there's plenty to keep you interested. Then there's the shopping, the erotic personals, the news feeds, the chat services...

You can check out live sex shows and streaming movies as well. They even have low-bandwidth movies for boring old 56k-ers like myself, so I got to enjoy a few naughty films.

All in all I really recommend this site. I think it's the best women's erotica site available on the internet today.

Perhaps better than that, it offers the best value porn deal that I've ever seen. Free access to all 40+ sites is one hell of a bargain!

Click here to find out more about Just for Ladies

Film Review

Rites of Passion
Writer/director Candida Royalle treats her characters with respect and especially looks out for the women. It's the feminist age of adult movies. Complete class! Realistic eroticism with taste. "In Search of the Ultimate Sexual Experience": Annie Sprinkle shares with us the autobiographical story of a woman whose search for fulfillment leads her through wild sexual adventures until she discovers ancient love-making secrets brought to her by a mysterious adonis-like master". "Shady Madonna": In a very timely piece, Veronica Vera takes us along with "Mr. Morality " as he goes to the TV studio to tape his weekly message. He instead finds himself travelling through his minds lustful secrets as revealed and exposed by sexy Nina Hartley.

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