Are black men's dicks bigger?

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Everyone knows the story: black men have big dicks. Indeed, if you were to believe some, all African-American men have cocks that hang to their knees. This idea has been embedded in white consciousness for centuries, and may be a motivation behind some of the fear and hatred that black people have experienced for so long.

But is it true?

According to the Definitive Penis Size Survey, the average penis size is around 6.4 inches (16cm), with 10.2 inches (26cm) being the largest in the sample.

The survey found that black men, on average, were only slightly bigger than any other man.

Now because these are statistics, we're only talking averages here. Rest assured, there are black men out there who are hung like a donkey. Nonetheless, you won't be guaranteed a trouser monster with every black man.

So where has this perception come from?

Evolutionary scientists have pointed out that black men's penises do not expand as much when erect, and thus are closer to their maximum size when flaccid. Caucasian men, on the other hand, experience significant differences in length between the erect and flaccid state.

The theory behind this states that white people evolved in colder climates, where it was not necessarily advantageous to have a long todger hanging out in the snow, constantly in danger of frostbite. Thus, the Caucasian penis evolved to be smaller when it was not being used.

Black men, however, had no such constraints, and thus were able to let the old fella swing free at all times.

Does this knowledge change the way we think about black men?

Hell, no! They're all gorgeous!

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Are Black Men's Dicks Bigger?

Do Black Men Have Big Dicks?

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